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Ink 0.5KG


Ink 0.5KG

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This is a water-based ink, especially for printing paper (>130 gsm) & cardboard with a matt finish and superior highly pigmented printing result. It is our ink of choice for Damn Fine Print commissions. Leaves sharp image surface quality with no bellying of paper substrates. Please note colours will always be mixed to order. We can mix colours based on the references listed or by Pantone reference.

Main Properties

  • Matt to satin finish

  • Low Odour

  • Bright Colours with medium to high opacity

  • Excellent printing stability and sharpness

Outdoor use: These inks are not developed to resist a long time outdoor exposure

All inks in this range can can be mixed with each other in any ratio. For water or retarder we do no recommend to exceed the amount of 10%.

Over-printability: These inks can be easily overprinted with colours of the same series. If you wish to achiever a colour interaction , add transparent base to the ink. 

To obtain higher gloss finishing we recommend to overprint the flexible gloss UV varnish. 

The ink can be reduced with 5 -10 % water
Use5-7% retarder to slow the drying time 

Meshes between 90- 150 are suitable most applications. 
Fluorescent colours are printed with mesh 90 and the phosphorescent inks with a courser screen 43T or 70T. 

A medium hard 75 shore is recommended.

Drying for 10-15 minutes at room temperature 

The drying of the inks happens by evaporation of the presence of water. 

The drying time will vary according to different printing parameters such as film thickness, air ventilation or the different diluents/retarders that are used. 

Water, universal cleaner can be used. Clean the screen directly after printing. Any ink completely dried in the screen, is more difficult to clean. 

This range of inks consists of 9 strong , bright mono pigmented colours, together with white and black and a transparent base to form a completer blending system allowing the matching of virtually any shade. The series of basic colours is a mix of opaque, semi opaque and transparent colours

1 year in original and closed packaging. Store at room temperature, below 30 degrees. Avoid excess heat. Ink removed from the press should not be returned to the original container, but stored separately.