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Which Side of the Water by David Bowe


Limited Editions from our exhibitions and work by our members

Which Side of the Water by David Bowe

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Which Side of the Water by David Bowe

from 155.00

This print was made as part of our 2018 end of year show Damn Fam: A celebration of people, process and practice.

2 colour hand-pulled screenprint

830mm x 380mm / on 300gsm Somerset Cotton Rag

Edition of 15

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About the print
Dublin is a city that is both divided and united by the Liffey. There’s a rivalry alright, you’re either born a Northsider or Southsider, but it has never been considered separate cities. Bowe wanted to consider the dichotomy that does and doesn’t exist, that one face for two sides.

About the artist

As a recently returned emigrant, Bowe found himself hit with a homesickness for both an Ireland that existed before he left and the Toronto he had just left behind. Exploring the bizarre nature of nostalgia, memory and how it is corrupted and and corroded over time, he became conscious that neither of the places he remembers ever really existed.

The images attempt to establish a link between an imagined view and that imagined by the viewer via familiar buildings, the key figures of a place. They are stacked and condensed in an overbearing and unrealistic, yet familiar, landscape. This is the reality of many emigrants – memory of a new home blocked by the traditional idea of home and the traditional home that no longer exists.

Bowe’s process of working with halftone images was born from the frustration he felt towards screen-printing after some years as a commercial printer. He set out to destroy printing and made deconstructed screen images from emulsion on old mesh, a process that became quite cathartic and one he has continued in his prints. Using halftone as a reference to commercial screening and a palette defined from the necessary chemicals, he began to print for himself again. The imagery is collaged over and over each other until a composition works, planned but allowed to evolve just like a city.

Instagram: @Davidboweprint

Signed and number by artist

This poster is sold unframed securely packaged in a cardboard tube.
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