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Call for entries: "CULTure" end of year riso show

Eric Greene

RISO  WEB BANNER version2.jpg

This is shout-out to all artists, illustrators, designers and creatives to join our big annual end of year show at Damn Fine Print. Each year we try to push the boundaries of design and showcase some of the creative talent that’s out there.

The theme for this year’s show is CULTURE. We’re looking for the top 30 entries that give a visual snapshot of now. And it’s gonna be an exclusively Risograph printed printed show!

Yes, you heard us R I S O baby! We’ve got a beautiful big new risograph machine in the studio and we want to use that as the basis for this year’s show. The old beast, which hasn’t yet been named, will be pumping out your designs in glorious techni-colour (well, ahem, three-colour) riso print. You will be able to choose from Yellow, Green, Bright Red, Black, Medium Blue and Fluorescent Pink ink. Embracing all its quirks and limitations we’re going to make this technological relic the star of the show.


Submit an A3 (3 colour) poster in your own style inspired by the things you love or hate about modern life and contemporary culture - a visual snapshot of now.  

The mascots and motifs that represent contemporary culture -  the underground scenes, passions, protests and alternative ideas. The accessories and trinkets, the logos and images. Or maybe it’s your personal placard about everything that’s wrong with the world.

Would it work in a collage? Think how this might look in a cut-and-paste riso style, those ideas and images that have hit cult status.

Be as abstract as you want.

What excites you? What’s pop, or what drives you round the twist? Think politics and crisis, celebration and parties, digital overload or mindfullness mayhem .

Think about what we say or where we’re at. New slang or catchphrases that already have cult status. Bumblr profiles and aubergine emojis? Or selling bananas from a pram and walking dogs at the Flea Market.

Think swiping right, must-have tattoos or your curated collection of classic Air Jordan trainers. Big ass bling jewellery, sushi and succulents or an ode to all those damned doughnut shops.

Celebrate late nights, tram lines and cycling half-cut around the city at night? Skateboards, dolly birds, mosh pits or record sleeves. Think about festival fashions, goths and raver subcultures. Or that tragic first time you tried to get in to Berghain.

Be abstract and adventurous, political or serious. It’s riso so no idea is too out-there to try. But most importably embrace the print format, its quirks, and wonderful overprint aesthetic. 

Follow our handy risograph guidelines to help you get the most out of creating riso-ready artwork at this link  here

Submit as many entries as you like but all submissions need to be with us by Oct 25th at the very latest. 

Follow our technical spec below. 


This years show is gonna be cult!  The top 30 entries will be risograph printed by Damn Fine Print in editions of 30, exhibited and sold at our gala event, complete with obligatory drinks, launch party on Thursday 30th November from 6pm and month-long show in a sexy new location, FRAME gallery 53 South William Street.

It’s a 50/50 split between the artist and Damn Fine Print (minus costs of printing). The artist will receive 50% commission and 5 AP's. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 16.31.00.png


  1. Submissions must be sent as a low-res .jpeg file to

  2. FORMAT: A3 (297mm x 420mm / Portrait or Landscape


  4. Available colours: Black, Bright Red, Medium Blue, Yellow, Green, Fluorescent Pink

  5. When sending the low-res file please ensure you name is as ‘YourName.jpeg’ and provide a short few lines explaining the inspiration behind the brief 

  6. Submissions must be sent  by the official deadline of Oct 25th

  7. FINALLY please read our handy risograph guidelines link to help you set up your artwork  here