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Eric Greene


It's time to break out the directors' chairs and join us for a night at the movies. We're putting together a show that celebrates everything great about the cinema and we want your artwork to take the starring role.

The show is going to be called The BIG Screen Print and the cast will include all the greatest visual artists from around city.

You may have seen our work already or got to mingle with the A-listers at one of our end-of-year parties, well this time we're doing it on the big screen, in print.

The idea is this: 20 artists, 20 prints, a red carpet launch in our neighbours swish new Dark Room Studio and spilling out to our cool courtyard on Dec 01 - (we're thinking Black Tie and Gowns right now but that might change to popcorn and beer once we're been covered in paint for three weeks) and a fantastic month-long show from December 1st onwards.

As usual, the prints will be strictly limited edition (call them director's cuts) with all sales split between you, the artist, and Damn Fine Print.

Now, here's the catch.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” - Ferris Beuller

We want your image to pay tribute to whatever film you like, but it can't have the film title in the name. It might be a quote, or a recreation of an iconic scene, it could be a poster for the film or a shot of the leading lady but please no film titles.

It could be Ferris Beuller kicking back in a beautiful red convertible, it might a scene from the Breakfast Club, Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting... maybe it’s your favourite Clint Eastwood Movie or a Hitchcock classic.

It might be Indiana Jones swinging from a rope in the jungle on Rocky Balboa downing his eggnog after a tough morning training in those hot little shorts of his.

Maybe you're a huge fan of Unbreakable or you think Point Break really hasn't got the artist respect it deserves from the creative community.

Maybe you just want to call yourself Best Boy or Gaffer or one of the million other daft titles they use in the film world. (Although, be warned, Aidan has already got dibs on Boom Operator!)

Whatever your film, we want you on board. We want to see the best proposals and we want to put them together for The Big Screen Print.

It's going to be the greatest show of our lives and we want YOU to help make it happen.


  • All submissions for consideration must be emailed as a low res jpg to Damn Fine Print before September 30th with subject title THE BIG SCREEN PRINT.

  • Size: A2

  • All artwork needs to be TWO COLOURS MAX. This is screenprinting by hand, not hairline registered digital printing. Embrace the artform for all its quirks and limitations and be creative - think about using white ink on coloured paper maybe, or overlaying two colours to create a third.

  • We’ll have a selection of different paper coloured papers apart from white to play with but we want to keep the designs strong and distinct. Maximum image size will be A2 but some prints may be bigger.

  • The Top 20 will be chosen, Director’s decision is final.

See you at the movies!

Damn Fine Print. xxx